How to earn adfly from your visitor

Hii... i want to share a tutorial you how to install the html tag into your blogspot. Before you start this, you must have an account.

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Before i use the tag, introduce the from itself, I gain some money. But when people come to my site, they cope to view a popup of the and this is very intrusive. People have to wait until 5 seconds and then get a link to your website. I've gain lot of money but my site don't progress. People tend to close the window and this is a waste.

So i come up with a sollution that to put just top banner. This is not very much money you can gain but while using this, my visitor became allot more. People can read my content instead of waiting. Some people use search result form Google or other search engine just for a fast view of website, and browse for next search and ignore your valuable content because of the pop of ads. That is why Google search came popular, because the statement  "0.005 second of search  of 100,000 page result", the keyword is fast and of couse the search is fast .. dough.

So here are a solution

In your blogspot, go to your menu
Template ==> EditHTML ==> Proceed
How to edit html template (shown in arrow)

(open your browser search box or click keyboard Ctrl + F) or manual scroll down make sure you backup your site first before using this

search </body> (see in picture)


Then in your go to the top menu find,
Tools ==> WebsiteEntryScript
copy the html example like this

<script type="text/javascript">
var adfly_id = 774761;
var adfly_advert = 'int';
var frequency_cap = 5;
var frequency_delay = 5;
var init_delay = 3;
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> 

paste these above the </body> in the blogspot

change the var adfly_advert ='int' into 'banner' and make sure you save.

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