Parts of computer

1.Input device: The device through which computer receives data is known as an input device.
Example- Mouse, Keyboard, Joystick, Trackball, Light pen, Scanner etc.

2.Output device: The device through which computer display the processed result at the end of each process is known as an output device.
Example- Monitor, Printer, Speaker etc.

computer set

3.Memory unit: It is the storage unit of a computer where computer store all its data.
A memory unit is divided into two types.....

Primary memory

* High-speed memory.
*Small storage capacity.
*Use to supply space for different operations within a computer system and also for basic input output system.

Types of primary memory.....
   1. RAM
   2. ROM

Secondary memory

*Slow access speed.
*High storage capacity.
*Use to store data permanently.
Example- Hard disk, CD, DVD, Memory Card, Pen Drive etc.

4.Processing unit: Processing unit of a computer is also known as CPU(central processing unit). It is the brain of a computer where all processing in controlled or done.

The processing unit is divided into three parts...
A. ALU(arithmetic logic unit)
B.CU(control unit)

5.Power supply unit (SMPS): SMPS stands for switch mode power supply. It is the main power supply to power the each and every component of the computer. It converts the main power supply 230 volts to 12 volts, 5 volts, 3 volts and distributes to all components of the computer.

Types of SMPS:

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