10 Tips to Build Relationships that Boost Blog Traffic

One of the most critical steps to increasing search traffic to your blog is spending time on building relationships with other bloggers and your blog's readers. The reason is simple. It's because that's how you can increase the number of incoming links to your blog content.

Search engines like Google value incoming links significantly in their results ranking algorithms, particularly incoming links from popular and authoritative websites and blogs. The more time you spend cultivating relationships online, the more your search engine rankings will rise organically.

Here are 10 tips to build relationships that will help your search engine optimization efforts, boost your search engine results rankings, and increase traffic to your blogblog-text.jpg

1.  Leave Comments on Other Blogs

Start reading other blogs written about subjects similar to your blog and then leave useful comments on posts that you enjoy. Commenting is the first step to building a relationship with another blogger and that blogger's existing audience.

2.  Use the Same Link Phrase Everywhere

When you leave comments on other blogs, always use the same phrase for the anchor text in the link back to your blog. This not only helps your branding efforts, so people begin to recognize you, but it also helps with search engine optimization.

3.  Link to Content You Enjoy from Your Own Blog Posts

When you read something you like on another blog, mention it on your own blog and provide a link to the source. Your link shows up as an incoming link for the other blogger, and your own audience is likely to be happy to read more great content that you recommend.

4.  Share Content You Like Through Social Media

Use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and other social networking and social bookmarking sites to share links to content that you enjoy. Doing so will drive traffic to the other blog posts that you like, and it's possible that someone will reciprocate and share your content, too.

5.  Respond to Comments Left on Your Blog

Don't ignore the people who take the time to leave comments on your blog posts. Instead, make them feel valued by writing a meaningful response to their comments. Just be careful not to publish and respond to spam comments!

6.  Participate in Online Forums

Join online forums that are relevant to your blog's topic and get active. Be sure to include a link to your blog (using the same link phrase as mentioned in #2 above) in your signature area, so it appears with every post you publish on the forum.

7.  Join LinkedIn Groups

Search for LinkedIn Groups that are relevant to your blog's topic or that your blog's target audience is likely to be members of. Join those groups and start publishing and sharing content. Don't just publish and share your own blog content! Instead, publish and share a variety of useful and meaningful content that group members would be interested in. Share and comment on the posts that other group members publish, too.

8.  Follow Influential People in Your Niche

Find online influencers in your niche and follow them on Twitter and other social media profiles where they're active. Share their content and engage with them to get on their radar screens. In time, they might share your content, too.

9.  Stay Visible

You have to stay top-of-mind in order to build relationships that lead to blog traffic. That means you need to stay active on your social media profiles and publish new blog content frequently. No one wants to build a relationship with someone who connects and then disappears.

10.  Give More than You Receive

The most important thing to remember as you're building relationships online is that you should always give more than you receive. Follow this tip and your blog traffic will undoubtedly increase over time