Install themes on Ubuntu

As you know, Ubuntu can be customized heavily unlike Windows. There are many sources available on the internet to do this. As  a part of this, Ubuntu theme installation can be considered. It can not be easily done with the default software system in Ubuntu. You have to install a particular tool called Unity Tweak Tool to customize your appearance of the OS. This is for Unity desktop environments and Gnome Tweak Tool is for Gnome desktop environments. Be sure to connect to the internet while this is installing.

1. Open the terminal and type this command.

sudo apt-get install unity-tweak tool

2. After you installed open it by searching on Ubuntu search. You will get a window like this. (I have  already applied a theme. So your appearance will be a different one.) 

Select themes and then you will see the themes you are having currently. If you install a theme, that theme is displayed here. Customization can be done by using icon theme and gtk theme. There are many resources to collect the commands to apply themes for your OS. As an example I recommend Noobslab as a better source to find PPAs for Ubuntu themes. Visit this site! There is a bunch of themes with relevant PPAs. 
  1. First you have to add the PPA.
  2. Give an update to the system.
  3. Then add the commands given for a particular theme.

You can transform Ubuntu desktop to Apple’s MacOS X operating system by visiting THIS link.
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