Bunch of useful Applications for Ubuntu


1. WPS Office - Alternative for Libre Office

WPS in an alternative software for Libre Office. It looks like as same as the office package in Windows Operating System. This package includes WPS Writee, WPS Presentation and WPS Spreadsheets. The ones who are not interested with Libre Office package, can try this one. But I recommend to use Libre Office.  Is is better than this according to my opinion. 
To download the deb file, visit this link. Then download the file shown in the below picture. Try the second file on the list where the mouse pointer is on.

2. Xpad - Sticky Notes App

Xpad is similar to the Sticky Notes app built-in Windows. It is used to just take down notes that you want to keep in mind always. 

You have to install this app via Ubuntu terminal. Type this simple command on the terminal.
sudo apt-get install xpad

3. qBittorrent - Torrent downloading App

QBittorrent is a software which allows  you to download torrent files. In Windows we use Utorrent or Bittorent to download torrent files. When we come to Ubuntu, we have qBittorrent. Open the Ubuntu Software Center and search for qBittorrent and then just install it. Now you can download torrents files and drag and drop to the application.

4. Stacer - Optimize your Linux OS

Stacer is an application built specially for Linux based OS to optimize the systems. It allows you to clean unnecessary files, uninstall packages, change the startup applications and o see the download/upload speed of your connection, RAM, CPU and Disk usage. It's a rich application to view the performance of your machine.
To download visit here. See the below image and download the marked file. 

5. Indicator Net  Speed - Shows net speed on menu bar

When you surface on the internet, if you want to see the downloading and uploading speed, what will you do? This is the easiest way. After this is installed, net speed is always shown on menu bar whenever you connect your machine into internet. You have to install it via Ubuntu PPA.
Follow these steps. Open a terminal and type this to add PPA.
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:fixnix/netspeed

Then update your system.
sudo apt-get update

Now install the application.
sudo apt-get install indicator-netspeed-unity

6. gthumb image viewer - Organize and edit photos

Gthumb is a software which gives  you the chance to edit your image files. Open the Ubuntu Software Center and search for gthumb and then just install it. With this application, you can crop and edit your photos as you want. Try it.

7. Curlew - Video converter

This is and awesome video converter available for Ubuntu. There are so many formats that you can convert a media file. GUI of Curlew is  like this.

How to install? Installation is done via PPA. Just two commands. Open up a terminal and type the following commands.
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jonathonf/ffmpeg-3
sudo apt update && sudo apt install ffmpeg libav-tools x264 x265
That's all. Now you can convert your media files.

So I think you got some tips to install a set of useful software to your OS. Don't miss them and try to install them and enjoy the power of Linux.
Good Luck!

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