Franz - Free Chatting App for Ubuntu

Are you messed up with using different applications to manage your social media accounts? This is the solution for you. It's Franz. Franz is a  free messaging app specially available for Ubuntu and  for Windows and MacOS also. You can manage your social media activities using just one application. It supports Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram, Gmail, Hangouts, Skype, Slack, WeChat and many other social media channels. Installation is very simple and I'll guide you to get this app to your computer.
  • First go to the downloads page in meetfranz web site. Click here to go the page.

  • After you have downloaded it there will be a file in .tgz file format. Right click on it and simply extract it. Now you have the Franz folder having its files.
  • Open this folder and  find an executable file called Franz. You have to open it by a double click. Then the application will be opened.

  • No need of installation! Now you can find it also in Ubuntu Dash. Search for Franz. Franz will be auto started whenever you turn on Ubuntu. If you are disturbing this, you have a solution. Search for startup applications in Ubuntu Dash and open it. You can remove Franz from the menu simply.

  • If you want to have it as  a launcher icon, you can right click on the icon appears in launcher and select lock to launcher by giving right click on it.
  • Notification counts are shown in your title bar.

Configuring Channels

  • Click on the channel you wants to connect and give a displaying name for it and hit save. Then you will have to sign into your accounts using the same way you used before installing Franz. After you signed in, sign in in Franz also. Then your messages will come through this app.
  • As an example I'll do it for Whatsapp.
  • Set up a service for Whatsapp on Franz by giving a name you want to display in Franz and keep it opened. You will see a QR Code in the Franz window. Wait..
  • Activate data connection on your phone and open Whatsapp. Go to Whatsapp Web option by tapping on three dots available on whatsapp.
  • Add + mark to set up a connection with computer. Then you will get a scanner and scan the QR code in Franz window.
  • All done! Now you are in your whatsapp account through Franz.
      Try with the other channels also. Enjoy your social media life at one place!

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