The Best Email Client for Ubuntu

Wavebox is considered as an awesome email client for Ubuntu and other Linux distributions. What is an email client? It is the place where you can manage your mail accounts at one place. Wavebox is previously known as Wmail. But with the latest releases, it became as Wavebox.

  • You need to simply go to the  web site and download the debian installer file. Visit here to download.
  • Then open a terminal and navigate to the folder where the file has been downloaded.
  • As one of my previous articles says, then you need to install this file directly.

    sudo dkpg -i Wavebox_File_Name.deb

  • Now you have Wavebox installed  in your machine.
  • The opening interface will be like the image given at the top of this article. It will give you to follow some steps. Follow them and configure Wavebox.
  • When you click on the + mark in the bottom left corner, you can add your accounts. It will pop up a window like this.

You can add any of these type of accounts to this app. Your web site also can be added to this. As an example, when you are going to add a Gmail account, you should  give mail address and password. Then you are given some extra features to tick such as Google Drive, Google Calendar and etc. Select what you want to use with this app. Try adding a Google Inbox account via your email address. It gives a better look for your email messages manager, better than normal gmail.

So I hope you will download and install Wavebox. You will feel the convenience after you have installed the application.

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